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We often heard people say “ah, it’s crazy busy at work”, you may even say that to yourself …constantly. When we “work” excessively, life becomes work’s leftover.

The key is not to substitute one for the other, the key is to find your healthy rhythm that enables sustained high performance.

Individual’s wellbeing, physical, emotional, mental and financial wellbeing, directly impact their performance and productivity at work, and over 40% of their wellbeing is determined by their lifestyle.

We all enjoy the glory brought to us by the achievements at work, chances are your performance may be impaired because:

  • You started to rely on melatonin or pills to have a sound sleep
  • You are perceived as a bad tempered boss/partner/parent in others’ eyes
  • Your brain fog gets worse, and you have to have several cups of coffee a day
  • Your focused attention span get shorter and shorter, and it takes several runs to read one chapter
  • You lost interest in doing the things that use to make you happy, and besides of it seems only spending (a LOT of) money/having (a LOT of) sex/eating (a LOT of) food… can relax you


Higher wellbeing is associated with higher productivity and business performance.

Be aware of the impact of your daily choices to your body and mind!   


Learn WHAT elements contribute to sustained high performance, and HOW to harness wellbeing for wealth-being