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iGrow Entrepreneur Leadership Coaching & Mentoring Program

You are your first product, which needs to be upgraded constantly to ensure it is the best product, the best product that produces the products (services) that you sell. ​

Great Business leadership is not about having all the answers— it is, more often, about having the courage to ask critical questions at the right time!

Great Business Leadership is not about setting up grand goals — it is, always, about having the discipline to create the habits that lead to achieving goals…by default!

If you want to:

  • Achieve more with ease
  • Learn how to find clarity in the midst of chaos
  • Establish your leadership identify
  • Increase your impact on what is important


Then you need to embed a Self-Upgrade System in your practices, a system enables you to increase Leadership fitness and unlock hidden intelligence.



Running a successful business or leading a fulfilling life, is a LONG game!

Meaning, purpose, vision and joy don’t happen by accident. They’re built on the small choices we make about how we respond, how we show up, what we let go consciously, where we spend our limited time and energy every day.

Transiting from the Founder of the business to the Leader of the business requires you to make your small, daily decisions an obvious demonstration of your intention and values; upgrade your environment trigger optimisation and growth,  your LONG game will take care of itself.

Where do you want to invest your time and energy, so that you can work ON your business, instead of working IN your business?


If you feel the urge to take your leadership to the next level, are ready to prioritise your development, letting go of the same-old-feel-good-habits… let’s talk



I’ve been working with Ella for over 2 years now and am thoroughly enjoying the work we are doing together and can see the benefits. She is super insightful and inspiring at the same time, she is highly professional with a huge warm heart. She challenges my thinking all the time, gently yet firmly pointed out my blind faith with empathy. I would wholeheartedly endorse Ella for any coaching assignment, you and your business would benefit so much from her wisdom and support.   — Founder of Max Media Group   

I have been working with Ella for over 1 year now, and I just happily renewed for another 1 year last month. The initial purpose of engaging Ella as my coach is to help me to develop my leadership skills and mindset, but man, I got way more than that from the sessions, not only I now have more confidence to truly lead my team to actualise the vision I have, I learned from her to embed some daily rituals and routines to allow me to shift my world view, to stand up and tall, and not afraid to be the game-changer.  — Director of Future Academy 

I have been working with Ella for 6 months now, gee, every single conversation is mind-opening, it seems so effortless for her to just have a friendly conversation with me, then bang! the way I look and approach life changed significantly. Well, if you do work with Ella, she will definitely say that you are the person who did all the shifting work, but without her guidance and support, and keep challenging me, it would take much longer and many more frustrations and struggles before I can arrive at where I am today. I eternally appreciate her help!  — Executive coach 

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