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Organisational Culture Transformation

Are you craving to have a team that is committed to providing high standard performance and requires the minimum or even none of their energy and time to manage?

Are you dying to lead teams who are self-motivated, self-organised and push you to move forward?

Organisational culture is NOT about how much you invested in people engagement activities that make your people happy, it is about the collective flow of thoughts you and your team developed consciously or consciously that result in the decisions made, the behaviours displayed and the outcome delivered.

HR is NOT just about the compliance-based contracts, policies and procedures, it is about consciously designing the structures,  policies and procedures to shape the behaviours, to ignite passion and to sustain high performance.

Establishing proper people stuff framework at the early stage of the business is not different from designing the architecture for a single level house with the vision of expanding it into a multi-level mansion that stands strong and steady in storms, even earthquakes.

A long-standing successful business is always a great place to work, which usually measured by employee’s experiences while working there; the level of commitment and engagement, and the contribution to the broader society.

Discover your signature core values and strengths, that makes you and your team unique.

Design organisational structures ( e.g. role structure, rules, policies, procedures and physical structures) carefully as it influences the behaviours of the employee who operates in that system.

Embed effective management habits mindfully and purposefully in your daily practices, as they are the keys to success.

Improve employee relationship by encouraging candid conversations and increasing psychological safety at workplace, as it allows for moderate risk-taking, speaking your mind, creativity, and sticking your neck out without fear of having it cut off!  Just the types of behaviour that lead to market breakthroughs.

The business we served enjoy 30-50% lower employment cost, halved turnover rate, and doubled performance.




When I came to Ella for help, I was struggled to continue my business. On the surface, my business was growing, we started with 3 founders and grew into a business with 150 employees. But underneath, every single day, I felt I am the only one fight for the survival of the business, I openly told my team that I intended to close the business as I could not see how we can get out of the rut… Ella was introduced to me by a friend, who worked with her and impressed by her work. She didn’t provide me with any solutions at the first meeting, she listened, then she conducted one-on-one interviews with all my direct reports, then she organised a group meeting, request we must find a meeting venue outside of the office, then she bluntly asked my team the question: what’s your purpose getting up each day and come to work here? Why you choose to work here among all the options you have to make money?… we were shocked, we were busy, like really busy, but we never thought why! After 9 months working with Ella closely, my entire team, including most of the employees, started to think naturally that every single choice we made, the goals we set, the measurement we choose, the things we communicate, the behaviour we display… all serve a purpose!  … after 2 years working with Ella, I still rely on her as a sounding board to support me, to enable my team to grow their leadership skills and to help us to shape our thinking process.  I highly recommend Ella for Culture Transformation work, particularly when you are a self-made leader leading a multicultural team, her sensitivity and highly development awareness would add great value to your business.  —– Founder of Max Media Group 

Before meeting Ella, I believed that only big organisations, like if you have more than 100 employees, you need to start to work on Culture, but Ella changed my view completely, she drew a diagram to show me that the biggest challenge a successful leader face os behaviour, and the biggest challenge a business face, is the collective behaviours, the unspoken rules, and underline assumptions… which hit hard on me, I have been proud that I can brain-wash my team, but I struggled to find right persons who can consistently deliver the work beyond my expectation. So we did a group value assessment, to my surprise, what my team perceived is we are an egocentric business who wants to feel good, look good, instead of being good, which is opposite to my intention! I’m glad that I took the plunge and faced the demon inside. We are still working with Ella at the moment, My team learned to discover their own patterns, we unpacked our goals, vision, and we had 1st value-driven milestone achieved, we are now on the path to achieve the 2nd milestone, and I’m confident we are on the right path.   — Director, Think Education 

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