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Leadership Lifestyle and Performance Clinic

Leaders who Live well and Lead well


Do you feel your energy drops in the afternoon sometimes?
Do you notice you need a few coffees to keep your mind sharp and non-fogy?
Do you notice that your waistline increased but your focus span shortened?
Does it frustrate you that electric desks, stress balls and mini-workouts during breaks have not improved work efficiency?

A person’s wellbeing and performance are determined more by their lifestyle (40%) than their genetics (30%). The remaining components include working conditions and other environmental factors.

You cannot change your genetics, but you can choose your lifestyle! 

In this Performance Coaching program, we take a holistic approach, using digital data about your work, leisure and sleep to create a complete picture of your wellbeing and performance, so that it is easier for you to

– identify your specific stressors in life and work
– reveal how the body reacts to different situations, and
– gain insights into the impact of your lifestyle preferences on your performance.

Leaders and companies we served see the results of helping each employee to make better choices both at work and leisure for increased productivity and optimal overall wellbeing. When your staff learns how to manage stress, sleep better, and exercise right, they will feel more energetic and focused at work, too.


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