Professional consultancy and coaching service to help your business grows !

What We Value

At iGrow, we believe our uniqueness can only start from inside out, and our ultimate success comes from consistently expressing our true self in various contexts. To do so, we need to tap into our physical, emtoional, mental and spiritual capacity, and create the cohenrence on each level for ultimate optimization.

We make a difference via:


  • 知行合一 : Live the practices we teach


We believe the only positive impact we can make on ourselves as well as the people we touch, is through living the practices we teach.  We strive to demonstrate the Unity of Knowing and Doing by integrating the learnings into our daily practices step by step. 


  • 热诚服务 : Desire to Serve


We trust we can influence others we touch directly and indirectly. Only when we bring a service attitude into the equation, could we add value to each other, and make each tiny opportunity of encounter an enriched experience. 


  • 保持好奇心 & 玩儿得开心:  Stay Curious & Have Fun


We are those type of people whose mind and heart are aligned. We love what we do, and love learning to do better continuously. The world is full of wonder, we have been busy counting the blessings along the way.

We are committed to living the practices we teach, and we express such commitments through partnering with our clients and walking side by side.